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Get Stunning Images Even Before Your Walk the Aisle!

I know, I know....putting even more thought into your wedding day than you already have sounds overwhelming! But great images don't just start once you walk the aisle! My job is to begin capturing you day and telling your story from the very beginning...even if it is 7am in the morning! Yikes! Piling all your besties onto a bed is a blast ( with #bridesmaidrobes of course ), but bringing something to "pop" other than a wine bottle can really turn up the giggles and loosen any pre-wedding nerves. I love #weddingconfetti poppers! Etsy sells them in pink and gold too!

Another idea is to give your groom and his best men plenty of time to really have fun pre ceremony! I love when groomsmen bring pipes or cigars! A good 30 minutes built into your schedule helps these memories happen.

A final idea is to take the fun outside!! There is something very dreamy about ladies in #bridesmaidrobes in the early morning sun. Nothing like some fresh air and mimosas to start your wedding day off right!


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